About Us

As the founder and president of Diviney Construction, Ivan Diviney has a long and successful history in all aspects of construction. Ivan has a keen eye for producing quality work with a high degree of detail from start to finish.

Born and raised on a farm in Galway, Ireland there was never a shortage of hard work. Moving to San Francisco in 2001 Ivan worked his way up from a carpenter to owning his own company. He has insight into each facet of the homebuilding process from foundation to framing to fit and finish.

While owning the business, Ivan has no trouble getting his hands dirty. He works on projects from the ground up, hands-on. You are just as likely to see him with a shovel or broom as you are directing the crew.

With years of experience, Ivan is uniquely qualified to balance the value of design improvements in your new home while carefully managing the budget you establish. He believes in producing work that pragmatically uses the available space while being aesthetically pleasing and built to stand the test of time.

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