Concrete Work

Concrete is a vital component of any structure. It supports the gross weight and dynamic loading of the entire structure. Exposed concrete is subjected to greater hazard and abuse than any other part of the structure. It must withstand weight, abrasion, shock, expansion, contraction, moisture, dirt, stains and for sure seismic events.

The concrete portions of the structure, therefore, become a crucial part of the total investment in the building. Should these structural elements deteriorate or fail, the replacement or repair of the surface can be more expensive than the original construction. Sound, well-built concrete is an extremely good investment, one that pays handsome dividends in years of trouble-free service.

It is very important, therefore, that extra care be taken in the installation of the concrete portions of any structure or landscape. A reputable, seasoned concrete contractor like Diviney Construction with years of solid, on-the-job experience should be your choice for any concrete project.

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