Excavation, Shoring, Foundations

Solid foundations are fundamental to a solid structure. Excavation and Shoring establish the foundation for the structure.

Excavation is the first step in the construction process. Excavating focuses on removing obstacles and changing the shape of the plot. Diviney Construction prepares sites for a variety of purposes including installing home foundations, waterproofing basements, installing in-ground pools, pouring concrete patios, grading for driveways and even for simple erosion control and drainage.

Shoring involves retaining soil subjected to either a natural, unstable slope or a man-made excavation. Sometimes it involves supporting existing adjacent structures. Shoring doesn’t get much credit in the architectural world, but it’s often the single most important design ingredient allowing for construction on what would otherwise be prohibitively steep or tight sites.

A proper foundation does more than just hold a house above ground. It also keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists movement of the earth around it. And, it is the most permanent part of the house.

Diviney Construction has extensive experience in the range of services necessary to prepare for the construction of your home.

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